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Something new, every week January 28, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in biking love, slice of heaven, something new every week.

Last week I broke out of my silly school-related funk by hitting the beach (and cutting afternoon classes in the process). I simply rented a bike and cycled to the jetty, my favourite thinking corner.

While I cycled past the cable-skiing park, I briefly contemplated ditching my bike for a scintillating cable-ski ride.

I’ve got a mental list of new year resolutions or rather, wishes that include baking the perfect strawberry cheese cake and cable skiing. Which brings me back to what the Fab Flea told me while we night-cycled on Sunday: which is to do something new, every week. I think it’s a brilliant idea to bring a fresh new vigour and to make every moment count 🙂 So last week, I night-cycled and I baked pineapple tarts with my fave bake club (my mom, my best friend and her mom). Baking eases all of us into a comfortable zone and it brings out honest communication and plenty of laughter. I am glad both my mom and I share this new love for baking. I have a couple ideas up my sleeves for the coming weeks, baking something new is in the works and potentially, jazz classes!

Credits: Dream pink bike from Thomas Hawk via Flickr.com and Scrabble “love” image from weheartit via Little bits and blogs



1. rosewithoutthorns - February 7, 2010

babe! i went night-cycling yesterday and cycled with shawn, est and eric for 6 hours straight (minus the time we spent eating nasi lemak at changi v!!)

was exhausting but a whole lot of fun! we should try it together once!

2. The Fabulous Flea « Silver-lined letters - March 15, 2010

[…] known Flea since we were eleven, we used to play and scamper around together, we had sleepovers and even our families know one another. She stood by me through my dark, stormy phases and I just feel so comfortable around her that I […]

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