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Mix-tape January 28, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in if music be the food of love.

It’s been many moons since Jude arrived but I still get a thrill hopping into the driver’s seat every morning. The new driver syndrome has not yet waned! First thing I do, even before I start the engine is to connect my iPhone to the aux wire.

There’s nothing like music that makes me groove and makes my heart sing. In the last few weeks- this has been my “Hey Jude!” playlist that I have on loop:

  1. Chasing Pirates, Norah Jones
  2. Just you and me, Zee Avi
  3. Blind, Lifehouse
  4. I wanna hold your hand, the Beatles
  5. Last Kiss, Pearl Jam
  6. To be with you, Mr. Big
  7. Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton

A strange, quirky mix I know. Some of these songs are very old-school and they’re heavily influenced by Lin and his band Pennylin. Steph took us to catch his gigs on a few occasions and watching them make such incredible music, bouncing on stage on a crazy high, makes me yearn to play in a band so bad.

They play at the Old Brown Shoe on Fridays and St James Lobby Bar on Thursday nights. I think they make such wonderful music.



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