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Chase your dreams April 17, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in personal.

I can’t believe the hopes He’s granted

means a chapter in your life is through

We’ll keep you close as always

It won’t even seem you’ve gone

Cause our hearts in big & small ways

will keep the love that keeps us  strong

– Friends are friends forever.

Friends are friends forever by Michael W. Smith is a song that always has special meaning for me. It’s probably an IJ thing- we sang it through primary to secondary school. It’s perfectly apt because right now as I am typing this, my good friend Felicia is on board a plane enroute to Argentina! The airport goodbye was so bittersweet- I am thrilled and mighty proud of her but I also know it’ll be awhile before I see her again.

Flea darling, if you’re reading this, I hope you’ll have a beautiful time filled with red-letter moments.



1. rosewithoutthorns - April 21, 2010

thank u dear, you are so sweet as always, and thanks for the notebook! its so handy i’m sure its gg to be filled in no time!! 😉

2. Cause the welcome will not end.. « La piedra exotica - April 29, 2010

[…] the welcome will not end.. This is for Valerie & Jinhua, who both quoted this song when I left; I love you two so […]

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