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Little corner of the world May 6, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in biking love.

Windmill at Bedok Jetty

Children's fun fair

Sunset at the Jetty

Yesterday, I cycled at the beach again. The first thing that greets me everytime is the children’s fun fair. I rent a bike next door, hop on and make my way to the jetty before sunset. Along the way, I spot a plane on the skyline and tried to outrace it.

My favourite spot has to be the Bedok Jetty. I watched men reeling in their fishing lines, others intently focussed on securing their bait and kids taking their dogs out for a stroll. I love this peaceful little corner of the beach, isolated from the strife, stress and broken-ness of the outside world. It was so relaxing, to revel in its quiet beauty.



1. nicole - May 6, 2010

you’re back! how i’ve missed these posts. 🙂

silverlinedletters - May 6, 2010

Hi nic! yes I’m back from under my sch exam rock 🙂 thank you darling!

2. etjuliette - May 6, 2010

mmmmmm east coast is really for the soul :]

3. silverlinedletters - May 6, 2010

JULIET! where are you darling?

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