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Chinese Art July 2, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in personal.

You said you did not care for Chinese art
Because you could not tell what dynasties
A scroll or bowl came from, ‘There is no heart’
You said, ‘Where time’s avoided consciously.’

I saw your point because I loved you then.
The willows and the horses and the birds
Seemed cold to me; each skilfully laid-on, thin
Phrase spoke like nothing but unpassionate words.

I understand now what those artists meant;
They did not care for style at all, or fashion.
It was eternity they tried to paint,
And timelessness, they thought, must lack all passion.

Odd that just when my feeling need for you
Has gone all wrong, I should discover this.
Yes, but I lack the sense of what is true
Within these wise old artists’ skilfulness.

It would be easy now to close again
My heart against such hurt. Those willows show,
In one quick stroke, a lover feeling pain,
And birds escape fast as the brush-strokes go.

by Elizabeth Jennings (1926-2002)

I found this poem by Elizabeth Jennings entirely, by serendipity. One of those memorabilia I still keep from JC because it struck a chord then and it still resonates with me now.



1. rosewithoutthorns - July 3, 2010

i love this poem; beautiful.
your choice of what strikes a chord within your hearts
speaks alot about the type of heart and thoughts you have
keep posting these kind of poems and keep inspiring me!

2. j0licoeur - July 6, 2010

no wonder i found it familiar. haha : )

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