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Once upon a time there was a tavern August 14, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in personal.

“We are more different now than when we were kids, but that’s the way old friends work, I think. With new friends, what you have in common is more circumstantial: colleges, jobs, hobbies, acquaintances-of-the-hour. What old friends share goes deeper than that, Your lives can branch off in completely different directions, but always you share that knot of a past — heartbreaks and sleep overs and screened-in porches — and the raw, peculiar memory of yourself which, in part, belongs to them.”

— Elise Juska

Met the secondary school girls for post-dinner drinks at Quaruba’r last night. I am really loving these monthly catch-ups which we’d only kick-started in May this year. With the resident clowns, usual suspects and alcohol to boot, there is always so much laughter and madness. We are really one kind of crazy when we get together. Lauret surprised me with a railcard, and Steph + Geri gave me the most meaningful going-away gift. Will really miss the dinners and the parties when I am away but the girls will always remain special + close to my heart.



1. rosewithoutthorns - August 15, 2010

love the quote on old friends – how much i agree with her!

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