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Operation S.tart: A bake fest August 14, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in something new every week.

I know I should be packing for London real soon, but I was looking through some old pictures and I stumbled upon some pictures Su-mae sent me in my “Downloads” folder.

Lemon cheesecakes

Fruit tart close-up

Neatly packaged tarts

This was taken two weeks ago when we got struck by Su-mae’s clever dose of inspiration and baked cream cheese tarts and mini cheesecakes. Egged on by Su-mae, we’d titled our bakefest “Operation S.tart” (our code name for something saucier!) The members of Operation S.tart are well, obviously Su-mae, Weibs and myself. The target of Operation S.tart remains unwitting!

I’m feeling a little twinge of pre-departure blues knowing that it’ll not be till December when the three of us will meet again. Weibs is traisping Scotland now and I’ll meet him for a brief three days in London when I touch down August 18. Then it’ll be till December when we make merry again 🙂

Source: Photos and all credits belong to our favourite baking goddess



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