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Mmm… missing the taste of Singapore August 25, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in glorious food, London, personal.

Looking at this photo of chao tar bee hoon from ieatishootipost is making me hungry. Note to self: avoid surfing local food blogs while in the UK. Ever since I got to London, I’ve been having sandwiches/salads/soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’d thought I’ll never say this but I actually miss having a warm bowl of rice or soup noodles. I especially miss unhealthy yong tau foo with fried meat balls and beancurd skin like the one from Lucky Plaza or Henderson Road. Because I’m not a big fan of instant mee, packet instant noodles aren’t a quick taste-of-home fix either. My flatmates Ronnie and Min-ju have each told me they’ll like to do a cook-out sometime soon. Hopefully, we’ll be sitting down to a piping hot meal of chinese food soon!

On the upside however, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, apricots etc are very affordable here! There is always a generous serving of fruits at all CTLS receptions. Am really enjoying that 🙂

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1. Weijia - September 6, 2010

Chinatown does pretty decent chinese food! especially all the different hor funs and fried rice, they’re not bad!

if you want more authentic local food instead of HK stuff can look for this m’sian restaurant, i can’t remember what it’s called. C & R Cafe and Restaurant I think. it’s tucked away in Rupert Court, near the junction of Gerrard Street and Whitcomb Street. there’s a picture of the Twin Towers (Msia) at the front door.

Also there’s Rasa Sayang, at chinatown also.

I’d suggest not going to Mr Kiasu at Bayswaters for now, haha they got raided that time.

Also along St John’s Road, near the junction of St John’s and Pentonville, there’s a shop that does Nasi Padang or something! i think! near angel!


sorry for flooding your comment haha glad u are having fun.

silverlinedletters - September 6, 2010

hello weijia,

thank you for the recommendations although w your previous suspect recommendation (rodents!!!), i am not sure if i should take you seriously! haha but i will check these out, esp the restaurant near st. john’s road – v good to know since it’s so nearby.

i hope PLC has been going well for you 🙂

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