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Happy now November 4, 2010

Posted by silverlinedletters in London, personal.

November is here – the days are getting shorter and when I look out the window at 4pm, the sun is slowly going into hiding. In less than 8 weeks, I will be packing my five + months here into a suitcase and will leave this special place for home, a place where my heart always has been. But that thought also brings to the fore, some level of trepidation that I am learning to face up to. On a phonecall with my mom just yesterday, I asked her, all silly, if I could live here for just another year. Though I have just about two more months here, I’ve always believed that when the experience is short-lived, you treasure it that much more because there is a twisted, fleeting kind of beauty in its transcience. On the personal front, I am looking forward to traisping several beautiful cities in Europe, ice-skating at Somerset House (where Love Actually was filmed) and spending christmas right here, in London. On the school front, I’d never thought I’ll say this but despite the strict attendance requirement, this experience has opened my eyes to the possibilities out there, challenged me to think and inspired me to consider an area of law that I’d scarcely thought of before.  They say you have to weather through the hard parts to get to the good stuff and I think I really, really lucked out – because I know for sure, I’m hardly the most deserving but I’ve seen so much beauty, in walkways lined with golden trees, in the thoughtful architecture of the nobel stair passage in City hall, Stockholm, in art and canvas, and perhaps, most significantly, in people.

Here’s looking at you, November + December – my two favourite months of the calendar year! Happy end of the year lovelies xoxo

On a side but related note, I love this post on notebook doodles about honesty and being true.

Credits: The post-it message is from the awesome Things We Forget



1. rosewithoutthorns - November 6, 2010

oh man! i see myself completely in your post. And just wrote a post on november being my fav month as well! we are really alike no??

2. j0licoeur - November 7, 2010

i think london must be beautiful in xmas, u’re so lucky!
sorry i missed your comment earlier!
and thanks for the bday wishes, we shd catch up!

3. louisa - November 18, 2010

hey jinhua! glad to know u’re learning so much and gaining a great deal of perspective from your experience. Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your stay and please come back! See you!

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