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For they say, music is like poetry February 23, 2011

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I remember gushing about Adele’s ‘Make you feel my love’ to Juliet on an extended toilet break while studying in the library in Nov ’09. I barely knew the J then, but I’m glad she didn’t think I was a psycho gibbering away to her in the bathroom. I also remember listening to the song on loop in Dec ’09 and thinking about a certain someone. Then last year, in Dec ’10 I heard the song play in a Pizza Express outlet in Holborn, London. We’d just finished our final class of the semester at CTLS and were headed out for lunch. Christmas was just round the corner, the atmosphere was festive, the decorations were up and we were in the middle of happy chatter when I heard the opening piano chords. That was one single moment of peace and gratitude that I’ll be content to remember by. A year ago in ’09, I’d just submitted my application for exchange and was missing someone. A year later, I was still on my own but I found a happiness from my independence and a comfortable rhythm that I’d fallen into while living in a fast-paced, charming city away from home.

Funny how, one song can uncover, from the recesses of your brain, so many memories. What is one song you associate with a moment or remember by?


Friday I’m in Love February 19, 2011

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We celebrated Geri’s birthday last night – just Steph, Geri and myself. I love how conversation flows so easily with them, it’s always so effortless and honest and we’re completely comfortable being our silly selves – bad jokes and laugh out loud laughter.

I love how our friendship has evolved over the years from primary school speech & drama classes to prefects’ campfires thru to university and post-uni. The both of them inspire me with their kindness and ambition, they temper me with their sensibilities and are also people I respect. Come to think of it, these are friends I’ll really like to keep, for life ❤

Picture credits: Ache

God’s Will February 12, 2011

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Such a meaningful song ❤