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An Ode to O May 1, 2011

Posted by silverlinedletters in personal.

I know I’m not there for you often
The absence adds to your frustration
But one smile from me
and that big teddy heart of yours softens

You talk to me while I sit in the dark
Make me laugh when I cry ‘oh shit, there’s a spark!’
My fear of the dark you find eccentric
Baby I think what we have is electric 😉

You fill my silly food cravings
Green tea with cranberry you’ve started drinking
I’m no domestic goddess but you don’t mind
Tho’ sometimes you must think she’s one odd female kind

Even though we straddle two continents
but my dear, that is never pertinent
Cause when push comes to shove
It’s you I want to walk down kallang bridge with, my love.

You chide me for having no surprises
For your patience you deserve the biggest prizes
The one thing I learnt from the times we fought
That the pen surely is mightier than the sword

So I put my thoughts into words
And I pray this time it’ll soothe instead of hurt
If it comes down to this please know,
Our love my dear, it can only grow.

(And it’s you I want to test my cold face theory with in the snow!)



1. rosewithoutthorns - May 3, 2011

what a beautiful love poem!
yes the pen is mightier than the sword!

Hello to Mr O!

silverlinedletters - May 7, 2011

thank you dear, i miss our swims at laguna, cycling at the beach and dinners 🙂 happy weekend darling x

2. nicole - May 6, 2011

Awww… 🙂 SO happy for you!!!! 🙂

silverlinedletters - May 7, 2011

thanks nic 🙂 how are you babe!

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