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Precious friday July 26, 2010

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Creme brulee @ Au Petit Salut

My girlfriends Steph, Geri and myself have a tradition which we coin our “friday special” when the girls take a friday off every quarter, and we spend the whole friday catching up. We’d gone to the spa, we’d visited flutes at the fort (which is lovely with all of its foliage) so with the latest friday special, we were running out of options and ideas!

In the end, our day began with brunch at Au Petit Salut. The creme brulee and profiteroles were pretty amazing, you should’ve seen our faces when we took the first bite! It was to-die-for. Then Steph zipped us off to the movies where we caught Despicable Me. While at the movies, all of us were trying our darnest to keep our eyes open (not because the movie was boring but we were unusually tired). Either age is catching up with us or it must have been our heavy lunch. I’ll like to think it was the latter! We headed to East Coast beach after for some beach-cycling. After some long distance beach-cycling, we proceeded (or rather huffed and puffed to) East Coast Lagoon Food Village where we filled our plates with chicken satay, wanton noodles, sambal stingray and the likes.

Our little tradition means a great deal to me and the both of them are really, the reason why ๐Ÿ™‚

Image credits: Lady iron chef


Little corner of the world May 6, 2010

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Windmill at Bedok Jetty

Children's fun fair

Sunset at the Jetty

Yesterday, I cycled at the beach again. The first thing that greets me everytime is the children’s fun fair. I rent a bike next door, hop on and make my way to the jetty before sunset. Along the way, I spot a plane on the skyline and tried to outrace it.

My favourite spot has to be the Bedok Jetty. I watched men reeling in their fishing lines, others intently focussed on securing their bait and kids taking their dogs out for a stroll. I love this peaceful little corner of the beach, isolated from the strife, stress and broken-ness of the outside world. It was so relaxing, to revel in its quiet beauty.

Spotted: Bicycles at a wedding party! March 20, 2010

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There is something very relaxing about riding a bicycle, wind in your hair. I feel awfully lucky that the beach is just a 3 minutes walk away from my home. Whenever I need to unwind, I simply hit the beach, rent a bike and cycle with my iPod plugged in. It makes me smile in an instant and I secretly feel like I’m invincible, almost as if I can fly.

How cool and awesome is it that this couple rented bikes for their entire wedding party! Such a fun wedding that the couple will likely look back on fondly.

Via You are my fave

Something new, every week January 28, 2010

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Last week I broke out of my silly school-related funk by hitting the beach (and cutting afternoon classes in the process). I simply rented a bike and cycled to the jetty, my favourite thinking corner.

While I cycled past the cable-skiing park, I briefly contemplated ditching my bike for a scintillating cable-ski ride.

Iโ€™ve got a mental list of new year resolutions or rather, wishes that include baking the perfect strawberry cheese cake and cable skiing. Which brings me back to what the Fab Flea told me while we night-cycled on Sunday: which is to do something new, every week. I think itโ€™s a brilliant idea to bring a fresh new vigour and to make every moment count ๐Ÿ™‚ So last week, I night-cycled and I baked pineapple tarts with my fave bake club (my mom, my best friend and her mom). Baking eases all of us into a comfortable zone and it brings out honest communication and plenty of laughter. I am glad both my mom and I share this new love for baking. I have a couple ideas up my sleeves for the coming weeks, baking something new is in the works and potentially, jazz classes!

Credits: Dream pink bike from Thomas Hawk via Flickr.com and Scrabble “love” image from weheartit via Little bits and blogs