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Where there is love January 10, 2011

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Where there is love the heart is light,
Where there is love the day is bright,
Where there is love there is a song
To help when things are going wrong,
Where there is love there is a smile
To make all things seem more worthwhile,
Where there is love there’s a quiet peace,
A tranquil place where turmoils cease
Love changes darkness into light
And makes the heart take “wingless flight” –
Oh, blest are they who walk in love
They also walk with God above,
And when man walks with God again
There shall be Peace on Earth for men.

– Helen Steiner Rice

I really like this poem by Helen Rice, it’s one of those poems that brings my heart and everything else to a still. It fills me with a quiet sense of gratitude.

Today, my little happy moment was when I got 5 lobster puffs and 3 egg tarts for 5 dollars from the Marine Parade Hawker Centre. They were deliciously yummy! I decided to treat myself on the first day of school. While it’s bittersweet to be back home in Singapore, for everything there’s a season; I’ve had plenty of time to enjoy, explore and discover in the last 5 months. Now it’s time to return to school and to do the best I can for my final semester (and not sleep walk through it as I’m inclined to do).

Accompanying this poem is a cover of one of my favourite songs – “Your Song”. While I was on the long, cold journey back from a day of jam-packed shopping at the boxing day sales in London, the song came on and I remember being momentarily blown away (not by the wind, but by the song of course).

Where there is love, there is a song

To help when things go wrong…

Happy new year lovelies! Here’s to peace, love and may your heart take wingless flight in the year ahead. xoxo


Sentimental mush December 4, 2010

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Some months ago in August, I remember saying goodbye to the girls @ Qua’rubar and thinking it’ll be awhile till I see them all again. And here we are in December and soon before long, I’ll be leaving this city that I’ve called home in the past 5 months.

As I sit here, in my corner of the 4th floor study room, it hit me once again, it’s going to be so hard to leave. I look out the window and I see snowflakes swirling and I remember what Sarah told me, that it hardly ever snows in London and snow this early in November is a rare occurence and that it’ll probably not last too long. It reminds me of my time here, fleeting, temporal and treasured.

I came here with plenty of excitement and a great deal of trepidation – not knowing what to expect, whether I’ll make friends etc. Looking back, I realised just how silly I was to be afraid. I recognise that it is only natural and to my friends who will be leaving the country, I wish I could tell everyone of you to dispel all the fears because you’re going to have a memorable, unforgettable experience. It’s the first time I’ve lived in a country with the 4 seasons for an extended period. Imagine my classmate’s surprise at my own surprise when I excitedly pointed out leaves caked in snow frost and stretches of snow collecting in a park along Russell Square. For a Swiss, these are sights he’s gotten accustomed to, for me, it’s like seeing the world in a whole new light.

I will miss my silly flatmate stuffing notes under my door asking me if I’ll like to do dinner. I will miss the bunch of us gathering in the pantry, sharing about what we do for christmas in our home countries. I will miss running into my flatmates in the kitchen, chatting while we prepare our meals. I will miss running downstairs to get myself mocha frapp/hazelnut latte/peppermint mocha from Starbucks or sweets from Paul. I will miss the delicious freshly made sandwiches at Wendells (notice how food is a big part of my missing!) and GU cheesecakes. mmm yummy! I will miss walks with classmates from the Birkbeck Campus to Swan House. I will miss bursting through the doors on Monday mornings and saying hello to Sarah at the Reception. I will miss both my friends and my independence.

Not everybody can speak of regularly booking flights on easyjet and lastminute.com, leaving the country for the weekend and meeting your best friends in a different part of the world. It’s a rare and probably a once-in-a-lifetime luxury.

It’s that time of the year when I make new year resolutions (which I’m horrible at keeping except when it comes to baking and eating cheesecakes) and when I give thanks. And for this, I give heartfelt thanks. Truly, I lucked out.

2 December 2010, Friday 2:35pm

Happy now November 4, 2010

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November is here – the days are getting shorter and when I look out the window at 4pm, the sun is slowly going into hiding. In less than 8 weeks, I will be packing my five + months here into a suitcase and will leave this special place for home, a place where my heart always has been. But that thought also brings to the fore, some level of trepidation that I am learning to face up to. On a phonecall with my mom just yesterday, I asked her, all silly, if I could live here for just another year. Though I have just about two more months here, I’ve always believed that when the experience is short-lived, you treasure it that much more because there is a twisted, fleeting kind of beauty in its transcience. On the personal front, I am looking forward to traisping several beautiful cities in Europe, ice-skating at Somerset House (where Love Actually was filmed) and spending christmas right here, in London. On the school front, I’d never thought I’ll say this but despite the strict attendance requirement, this experience has opened my eyes to the possibilities out there, challenged me to think and inspired me to consider an area of law that I’d scarcely thought of before.  They say you have to weather through the hard parts to get to the good stuff and I think I really, really lucked out – because I know for sure, I’m hardly the most deserving but I’ve seen so much beauty, in walkways lined with golden trees, in the thoughtful architecture of the nobel stair passage in City hall, Stockholm, in art and canvas, and perhaps, most significantly, in people.

Here’s looking at you, November + December – my two favourite months of the calendar year! Happy end of the year lovelies xoxo

On a side but related note, I love this post on notebook doodles about honesty and being true.

Credits: The post-it message is from the awesome Things We Forget

Clarity in the rain October 10, 2010

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The leaves are changing colour from green to gold.

The weather has been beautiful all week, warm sunshine, a drizzle of rain and that’s about it. It is perfect for walks, brisk walking to the local Sainsbury or for the half-hour journey to school. I’ve also grown to love spontaneous post-dinner grocery runs in the drizzle, when the lights play against puddles of water at the traffic light junction at Angel (Islington), the warm hue of amber illuminates the night. Plugged into my iPod, I gain a clarity and a whole new perspective in the rain.

And clarity brings such peace.

Picture credit: Source unknown

Protected: Minuet in G September 29, 2010

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BBC Proms September 10, 2010

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Whenever I take the tube, I’ll notice the ad for the BBC prom. It’s pretty + picturesque and I’d always wondered what it was about. So when Junyi my flatmate told me about the tradition of promming and the BBC Proms several days ago, I jumped at the chance to watch the BBC Prom 72 featuring Wagner’s music on Wednesday night. My music teacher used to make me listen to Wagner as part of music theory and I skipped his classes frequently as I really dreaded spending my Saturday afternoons in the studio. But many thanks to the same teacher, I’ve grown to appreciate the genre. While at the souvenier store, I made sure to pick up a card for my teacher who inspired me to appreciate a genre that is not the easiest to appreciate.

Image source: the BBC

Chicken soup September 6, 2010

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I made chicken macaroni soup for dinner tonight! To avoid setting the kitchen on fire while boiling my soup, I sat in the kitchen and wrote a postcard to my bro in Melbourne while looking in the direction of my little pot of soulful goodness every now and then. The soup did not boileth over and the turnout was good (unlike my previous botched attempt a day ago). My flatmate made my day when he took another spoonful of soup after having sipped a bit of it. He’d even asked me to teach him how to prepare it.

After two days of chicken macaroni soup and a week of hits and misses, I will be eating out tomorrow. Thank goodness, for I don’t do this domestic thingmajig very well!

Mmm… missing the taste of Singapore August 25, 2010

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Looking at this photo of chao tar bee hoon from ieatishootipost is making me hungry. Note to self: avoid surfing local food blogs while in the UK. Ever since I got to London, I’ve been having sandwiches/salads/soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’d thought I’ll never say this but I actually miss having a warm bowl of rice or soup noodles. I especially miss unhealthy yong tau foo with fried meat balls and beancurd skin like the one from Lucky Plaza or Henderson Road. Because I’m not a big fan of instant mee, packet instant noodles aren’t a quick taste-of-home fix either. My flatmates Ronnie and Min-ju have each told me they’ll like to do a cook-out sometime soon. Hopefully, we’ll be sitting down to a piping hot meal of chinese food soon!

On the upside however, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, apricots etc are very affordable here! There is always a generous serving of fruits at all CTLS receptions. Am really enjoying that 🙂

Source: ieatishootipost

Hummingbird Bakery August 21, 2010

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This morning, while I was on skype with Moni, she instructed me to visit the Hummingbird Bakery @ South Kensington and to have their red velvet cupcake. I’m so glad I heeded her advice!

London Chronicles August 21, 2010

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By the river thames with Weibs and Ronnie

Outside the Natural History Museum

Wicked! with Weibs

When I first arrived in London, one of my best friends – Weibs was my tour guide. After a long-haul flight and an amusing jet-lag story, I was very happy and excited to see a familiar face in London. We travelled long and far on the first day: the river thames, st. margaret’s chapel, westminster, oxford street, outskirts of chinatown and we caught Wicked! the musical at night, which was well (I cannot resist the pun) wicked!