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Wednesday dinner March 2, 2011

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Roast Chicken and Potatoes


Today, I got home early and made a surprise dinner for my mom. All of us were mighty pleased + satisfied!

Credit to O for inspiration and (vague) instructions.


Banana Hazelnut Muffins January 15, 2011

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I found this recipe while daydreaming in class last week. The shot of espresso powder got me intrigued and I had new bakeware (silicon oven mitts + heart shaped silicon baking tray from Geri for christmas), so when this lazy weekend rolled around and I was not content to spend it catching up on school work (though I really, really should), I zipped off to the market in the morning and came home with a bunch of ripened bananas.

Breakfast food for the next week! I replaced the walnuts in the recipe with hazelnuts and also cut the sugar to 1/2 cup. I used 4 bananas, techically 3.5 because I ate half a banana while prepping the batter.

Making good use of my new bakeware. The silicon tray is incredible – the muffins ‘pop’ out easily and washing up’s a breeze. Definitely all that it’s CRACKED UP to be!

Have a beautiful weekend xoxo

Operation S.tart: A bake fest August 14, 2010

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I know I should be packing for London real soon, but I was looking through some old pictures and I stumbled upon some pictures Su-mae sent me in my “Downloads” folder.

Lemon cheesecakes

Fruit tart close-up

Neatly packaged tarts

This was taken two weeks ago when we got struck by Su-mae’s clever dose of inspiration and baked cream cheese tarts and mini cheesecakes. Egged on by Su-mae, we’d titled our bakefest “Operation S.tart” (our code name for something saucier!) The members of Operation S.tart are well, obviously Su-mae, Weibs and myself. The target of Operation S.tart remains unwitting!

I’m feeling a little twinge of pre-departure blues knowing that it’ll not be till December when the three of us will meet again. Weibs is traisping Scotland now and I’ll meet him for a brief three days in London when I touch down August 18. Then it’ll be till December when we make merry again 🙂

Source: Photos and all credits belong to our favourite baking goddess

Something new: The grapefruit is not a lemon March 26, 2010

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See the resemblance?

This post was supposed to be about how I baked a fluffy warm lemon cake for the first time. It was supposed to be about how it turned out tangy and delicious, like a slice of heaven. NOT.

My first attempt at baking a lemon cake however, turned out to be quite a fiasco that my mother believes will go down in family history. Long story short, I mistook a grapefruit for a large citrus lemon and zealously grated said “lemon” to obtain “lemon rind”. The whole time I was wondering why it was pink inside and I’d brushed it off, believing it must be a genetically modified lemon or a lemon from an exotic, far flung place. So I happily sent the batter for baking and tried the cake fresh out of the oven. Something was a lil off, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was only when my discerning mom noted the bitter aftertaste and asked that I showed her the “lemon” I’d used that realisation dawned, big and bright.

And a novice is a novice.

Something new every week: Cakes galore March 21, 2010

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This week, apart from baking an earl grey pound cake, I made full use of my baking ingredients and also tried my hand at a round butter cake with apple slices!

Everyone at home loved it. It’s been cakes galore this weekend! We have leftover store-bought blackforest cake from my aunt’s birthday, an earl grey pound cake, a round butter cake with apple slices and dear Su-mae also sent over some marmalade pantry inspired Elvis cupcakes (chocolate banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting).

It’s true when they say that stressed is desserts spelt backwards.

Source: Image is from Delicious delicious! Recipe is adapted from Chocolate and zucchini

Something new every week March 20, 2010

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Today’s Saturday and I am already looking forward to next Saturday! You see, I invited my girlfriends over for a small lunch party next Saturday and this weekend and the last was devoted to preparing for it.

Both my friends are fantastic cooks, they inspired my new year resolution to be less embarrassing in the kitchen. Reality hit me hard last new year’s eve, when the three of us threw a small dinner party and I was assigned the least challenging task (read: potential for minimal damage) of tossing the salad and stirring soup in the kitchen! So, much of last week and in the build-up to the gathering next week, I will be dedicating my time to scouring the internet for recipes, planning and preparing.

I baked this delicious warm Earl Grey Pound Cake last weekend and once more, on Friday this week. To obtain the Earl Grey flavour, I folded in a sachet of Dilmah tea leaves into the batter. I intend to pair it with a dollop of vanilla bean ice-cream or something slightly more tangy: perhaps a sorbet? What do you think?

Happy weekend folks! xoxo

Source: Recipe and photo is from The Little Teochew

Something new every week February 28, 2010

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Cafe Hacienda

Brunch @ Cafe Hacienda on Saturday morning. I had the eggs royale: poached eggs with smoked salmon on english muffins which came with a generous portion of rocket. Moni, who gave me an undeserved treat had the prive pancakes.

It was soooo good, thank you Moni darling!

Credits: Timeout Singapore

Something new every week: Friday special February 23, 2010

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Flutes at the Fort

This post comes a little late but the memory of last friday still remains fresh in my head!

Last friday, I did something I’d not done since December- I took the day off, placed work and everything else on the backburner and spent it with two of my wonderful girlfriends, Geri and Stephanie. It’s something we call our “friday special”, a little tradition that began last December and a genius idea of Steph’s. It was also Geri’s birthday so we planned an entire day of food, song and celebrations.

This was our itinerary:

1. Brunch at Flutes at the Fort which is set in a beautiful + peaceful colonial-style bungalow at the Fort Canning.

2. Shopping @ Ion Orchard where Geri picked out her present.

3. Martinis at Morton’s at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The steak sandwiches had me at hello. The lumpcrab artichoke and spinach dip accompanied by warm toasted bread blew Steph away.

4. Valentine’s Day at 7pm as per Geri’s special request. It was a surprisingly good, slightly unconventional flick!

5. Final destination: the Old Brown Shoe where Lin dedicated and sang Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” to her. The band was fantastic, the guitarists aced the guitar parts and the song just couldn’t have been more apt.

To-die-for food, wonderful music and great, great girlfriends. To quote the Cure, “Friday, I’m in love”.

Credits: Image of Flutes at the Fort is from imariko via flickr

Something new every week February 14, 2010

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This week, I picked up Texas Hold’em! I would’ve liked to talk about how there’s more to the game such as strategy, player profiling and mathematical probabilities. But really, it was a bit of a fiasco. On average, I lost a dollar a minute.

But I had such a great time! So good to see everyone again, thank you Shengwei & Sandy!

Mmm… I say when in doubt, fold 😉

Credits: Lovely vintage shot from Stephane Massa-Bidal via A Cup of Jo.

Something new: Card-making February 4, 2010

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I settled down on a weekday evening, placed everything else on the backburner and set my heart and mind on making cards. Last december, I received an incredible saffron card stack from The Paper Market. So last night, since I was in a card-making mood, I took out my paper cutter, searched my home for scrap materials to fiddle around with and to complement the saffron materials. In the end, I made some 5 cards for different occasions.

I really enjoy card-making. The whole process is personalised and one of my favourite parts is when I have to decide on the cover after the card is cut. So for Geri, her card cover reads “Have I told you lately…” (inside joke from the last time we played Don’t Forget the Lyrics) and the inside of her card says “Just how wonderful you are.” And for Soomzee her cover reads “You’ve got a smile that can light up this whole town” 🙂

And on the subject of card-making, Hooray Designs is giving away surprise canisters filled with heaps of lovely craft materials here.

Credits: Hello, love image is from the inspirational Hooray Designs.