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Vincent’s eyes of China blue September 29, 2010

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The words in the picture make out:
And a year later, we are still here to talk (about love)

This one made me smile and it reminds me of the lyrics of Ryan Huston’s Beautiful Day:

Cloudless skies, summer days
Feels just like it’s on the way

One of the best gifts in this windy, rainy weather is the warmth of glorious sunshine and the luminosity of bright blue cloudless skies that light my way as I trudge to school, fingers tightly crossed for good weather.

Credits: Image is from Stef’s facebook album.


Protected: Minuet in G September 29, 2010

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BBC Proms September 10, 2010

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Whenever I take the tube, I’ll notice the ad for the BBC prom. It’s pretty + picturesque and I’d always wondered what it was about. So when Junyi my flatmate told me about the tradition of promming and the BBC Proms several days ago, I jumped at the chance to watch the BBC Prom 72 featuring Wagner’s music on Wednesday night. My music teacher used to make me listen to Wagner as part of music theory and I skipped his classes frequently as I really dreaded spending my Saturday afternoons in the studio. But many thanks to the same teacher, I’ve grown to appreciate the genre. While at the souvenier store, I made sure to pick up a card for my teacher who inspired me to appreciate a genre that is not the easiest to appreciate.

Image source: the BBC

Chicken soup September 6, 2010

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I made chicken macaroni soup for dinner tonight! To avoid setting the kitchen on fire while boiling my soup, I sat in the kitchen and wrote a postcard to my bro in Melbourne while looking in the direction of my little pot of soulful goodness every now and then. The soup did not boileth over and the turnout was good (unlike my previous botched attempt a day ago). My flatmate made my day when he took another spoonful of soup after having sipped a bit of it. He’d even asked me to teach him how to prepare it.

After two days of chicken macaroni soup and a week of hits and misses, I will be eating out tomorrow. Thank goodness, for I don’t do this domestic thingmajig very well!

Happy heart September 2, 2010

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